Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Hey lovelies! This is just a quick post, basically I have been reading fashion and beauty blogs for so long now and I thought why not start my own, so yeah here I am. Fashion and beauty are my two biggest interests in life, and I hope to pursue that as a career, into Fashion PR, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Styling, maybe even designing? Make-up artist, costume designer, the list goes on.
On this blog, I will be posting OOTD's, haul's, beauty/make-up posts (although I just want to say now, I am not a professional make-up artist and most would probably hate me because I know I do so many things wrong, but sadly not all of can afford fancy brushes for the third stroke on blush on cheek but hey, I make it work. Hopefully.) and then I am sure that random little posts will appear from time to time because that's how I roll.
I have used blogger before, well I'm currently using it in my media work so I know the basics and a few tips and tricks but I'm not a pro so if something goes wrong and my blog looks messed up just bare with me. Also, I do make a few spelling and grammar mistakes so please don't shout at me.

I'm currently on 0 followers, well, so far so good I suppose.

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